Gisbert Schürig

Gisbert Schürig
Berlin, Germany

Musically, I am interested in very diverse fields, ranging from experimental new music, african polyrhythm to heavy metal and pop. Variety is one thing, but I am very much into contradiction and paradox. Different forms of art have different sets of rules which are often incompatible, I like to explore these incompatibilities and cherish the tension they create and also look out for connections, for synthesis and how this may release that tension, but by all means not make it go away.

In working with dancers, I noticed that I am attracted to approaches to dance which adress questions that arise from having a body, existing as a physical being. I like to embrace doubt, insecurity and the limits of knowledge.

Gisbert Schürig is a composer, improviser and performer, working with music software, guitar, overtone singing and throat singing. He has studied with composers Klarenz Barlow (Musikhochschule zu Köln) and Bojidar Dimov, took part in courses on overtone singing by Wolfgang Saus and learned about african polyrhythm from Anita Daulne (ZAP MAMA) and Group Ndima (Kongo).

He has worked for theatre, indonesian shadow puppet plays, dance and interdisciplinary performances. With the dancefloor rock formation ‘Blotch’ he has played at diverse music festivals and published two longplayers. Recently he is doing live electronics for Israeli singer Yifat Cohen, working together as Duo Ambroid.

In collaboration with performer/musician Jennie Zimmermann he founded the formation ‘Phyla’ and developed the concept ‘minimal improvisation’. They did performances in a variety of different contexts ranging from rock festivals to meditative rituals as well as offering music for dance, sufi whirling and contact improvisation (Pfingst Jam Potsdam 2014, cmc – contact meets contemporary, Göttingen 2014).