inesperadamente: en pausa

instant composition into performance
with Ingo Reulecke and Trinidad Martínez

intensive dance workshop
19 December – 9 January
(we rest however we decide it 24, 25, 31 Dec. and 1 Jan.)
at El Quirófano, Murcia, South of Spain

you can choose between the following dates:
intensive 1: 19 – 23 December (5 days)
intensive 2: 26 – 30 December (5 days)
intensive 3: 2 – 9 January (8 days)

Being held in a pause and moving again, watching from above, from below; being expectant, excited.

The aim is to challenge the performance itself, to feel where inner limits exist. In these dance intensives, we would like to experiment, by looking in detail for unknown places.

We discover paths through interaction with each other, and we break out of a kind of inner circle this way. Paradoxically, we want to connect to this “circle”, which may be a triangle, or a mountain or a sea.

The spaces can be filled up with our fantasy and body. The voice can dissipate or became a sound or a song. I like to choose a corner to clean and then just clean that corner. Sometimes I like to experience the whole house.
foto katharina

I would love to create together a piece of something, if it’s possible, in the way that children do. But you may prefer to do it on your own, or just watch beyond the line of the sun.

instant composition into performance: it feels like the base and in it, there are lots of smaller aspects like: Voice/ sound, contact, site- specific, in and outdoor work…

composing scores : I would like to have time for people to create their own scores and performances, and really work on them several times, kind of like creating their own performance through several days. That means that for this specific work we are facilitating and mentoring.

site- specific: Discovering outside or inside interesting spaces, and keep exploring site- specific performances.

physical contact: I was for a while working with no physical contact and started missing the qualities of it. It helps for getting into the body, getting warm, sweating, connecting. Last month I was working more with contact, out of a physical desire like feeling strong, energized.

solo” towards group: Working in solo dance, and then going into group scores and finding this to be extremely powerful, I hope to go deeper on this.

images: I have been exploring starting from a specific movement quality and going into an image, allowing this image to evolve; using imagination as a source of creativity and inspiration.

voice: It was really fun to explore in this direction with you, that will be fun to keep working with it.