Jennie Zimmermann

Jennie Zimmermann
Berlin, Germany

I love moving. It is nurturing and a good tool to connect, to sense environment and other people, to be aware of states and changing possibilities.

Using my voice and body I research, I collect material and wonder about the co-existence of sound in general and the relation of sound and movement in improvisation. I define and compose what is really calling me, coming from my heart, to then meet in fruitful collaboration and dialogue.

Improvisation can be a respectful playground for research, to stay with ones own needs, experiencing flow and obstacles, enjoying physicality, friction, failure, connection and reaching a relaxed state of activity.

biography: Jennie Zimmermann is a performer and musician, working with sound and voice, loops and electronics.Faszinated by open polyphonic and polyrhythmic structures and the creation of soundscapes in combination with movement and bodywork.

Coming from therapeutic work as a naturopath and as artist performing in street theater, essential influences for her research and work come from the Roy Hart Theater Voice Work and Contact Improvisation.

She feels inspired by different teachers: Jörg Hassmann and Daniel Werner, Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas, Nita Little / Contact Improvisation, Elias Cohen / Physical Theater and Body Weather Training, Frey Faust / Axis Syllabus, Saule Ryan, Carol Mendelson, Jonathan Hart-Makwaia, Walli Höfinger and Christiane Hommelsheim / Roy Hart Theatre, Katharina Felice / StimmEnengetics.

In collaboration with Gisbert Schürig she founded the formation ‘Phyla’ and developed the concept ‘Minimal Improvisation’. They did performances in a variety of different contexts ranging from rock festivals to meditative rituals as well as offering music for dance, sufi whirling and contact improvisation (Pfingst Jam Potsdam 2014, cmc – contact meets contemporary, Göttingen 2014). www.