José Manuel Lozano Rubio
Murcia, Spain

biography: He develops into the movement world through dance and yoga. He becomes a teacher and yoga therapist in “SIVANANDA”, “ASANGA” and later on in the school of Expresión Corporal y Danza de Madrid. During this formative time he interests himself for the new languages of movement and somatic education, mainly focusing in the Alexander, Bartenieff, Body Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation and Feldenkrais Method techniques. He takes part in the study group of “Body Mind Centering” with Pablo Troccoli in “AULA 11” in Madrid. He danced at the integrated dance company “RUEDAPIES DANZA” and worked as a teacher assistant in the project “INTEGRADANZA”. He gave integrated dance classes at the “Laboratorio de Arte Joven” in Murcia, under Marisa Brugarolas direction. He expands his knowledge in Yoga and Feldenkrais Method in San José in Costa Rica. He has Feldenkrais Method education and has been accredited and certified by “The European Training Accreditation Board” (EURO-TAB). At the moment he delves into the study of Feldenkrais Method, developing different movement projects with the aim of connecting investigation, learning and creative processes together. In this context he works with various collectives in Madrid; in Murcia space “El Recreo” ( and in Albatera (Alicante).