Roberto Bellatalla

Roberto Bellatalla
Rome, Italy
London, England

In the mid-seventies  he emerges in the italian scene of jazz and improvised music playing with Mario Schiano, Guido Mazzon, Massimo Urbani, Sandro Satta, Antonello Salis and  Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Tony Oxley, Kent Carter, Evan Parker, Enrico Rava,Lester Bowie.

In 1976 moves to Amsterdam and plays with a quartet led by cello player Tristan Honsinger, with Radu Malfatti and Sean Bergin. He has a chance to experience improvised music in a variety of forms and  plays with Han Bennink and dancer Kathy Duck.

He later makes his home in London for twenty years. In the  lively improvised music scene he plays with all the most representative musicians around: Elton Dean, Evan Parker, Paul Rutherford, John Stevens, Paul Dunmall, Alan Tomlinson, Keith Tippett, Mark Sanders, Jim Dvorak, Lol Coxhill, Louis Moholo, Trevor Watts, Billy Jenkins, Steve Noble, Harry Beckett, Tony Marsh.

He also plays in bands of South African exiles like: Dudu Pukwana’s Zila, Louis Moholo’s Viva la Black, Julian Bahula’s Jazz Afrika.

From 1983 he is part of a sextet called “Dreamtime”, that includes Nick Evans, Keith Tippett, Jim Dvorak, Gary Curson, Jim Le Baigue.

In the nineties he leads and records his own quartett, with Claude Deppa, Jason Yarde and Brian Abrahams. He’s also part of pianist John Law’s quartet, together with Alan Wilkinson and Mark Sanders.

Also involved in a project called Jazz-matic, brought music workshops into numerous primary schools of London and did music therapy sessions for Ashton hospital in Kent.

In 2003 returns to Italy. Based in Rome, joins the local improvised music scene. Once in Rome he gets  involved with the dance scene, ranging from “butoh”, to contact and improvised dance, regularly performing and doing workshops with dancer Maddalena Gana and occasionaly with japanese master Masaki Iwana.

He takes part to several editions of “Orvieto Zip Festival” for contact dance, and of Rome’s  “Trasformazioni” butoh festival. For four years he takes part to a european project funded by Yeudy Menuhin, called “Muse”.

He is involved in “Corpo in Divenire”, a dance project leaded by Marisa Brugarolas.  Currently his main musical projects involve a trio with old mate alto-saxophonist Sandro Satta ,  “Truth in the Abstract Blues”, led by english-Rome-based guitarist Mike Cooper and a duo with swedish sax and flute player Biggi Vinkeloe.