Train Marisa Brugarolas

Train of Thoughts

3. To experiment takes away the judgment of right / wrong done. Our motivation is simply curiosity about what will happen. This approach to the artistic practice gives us a wider freedom where the results connected to the process are awesome.

We agree to a set of guidelines, we create a frame to experience and we start the game! There is no good or bad done, all we have is the curiosity towards the sound and what we think is silent

For three years I haven’t listened to music at home. It´s not a choice, it´s a fact. And yet, always there is a great orchestra. In this moment we have a quartet composed by a dripping fridge, a purring cat cut by a sudden lick, staccato street voices and the sound of the reversing 10 am Friday truck. Before we had the thunderous tide of kids, parents and cars between 8.45 and 9 AM. Afterwards, when only parents remain, engines for twenty more minutes to which we must add, depending on the day, the roar of the machines that collect leaves.

The acapella chorus is in the backyard. Today the sound of neighbors with a dog and the granddaugther Candela. They are recent retirees who speak the same way to the girl and the dog

My friend, the brilliant Maria, said of Rome: all this overwhelming beauty with the layer of the everyday will become noise, something that we will not see. I propose the inverse exercise: to notice the everyday noises for which we are deaf, and bring them up to the fore, to deepen in the poetics of the daily soundsuperimposed to layers of music. What we consider interference is nothing more than another sound layer

We listen in stillness to the soundscape provoked by an instrument. We dance in the footprint that remains when the sound has left. And in turn the sound starts on the trace of our dance when this has finished.

I can´t interpret or translate music because I´m not interested in it. I don´t want to add anything to what the music already is. So I live with it as I live with the space or with others’ bodies. They are part of the net in which we exist. They support me as the air or ground does, at the time I also interact with them. Words of John Cage: In my music, my intention has been not oblige more to anyone to feel in a particular way. The feeling is in each of us, not in the external objects.I subscribe. I need open scores where I´m not obliged to feel in a specific way.

To offer scores as frame of experience. Shake the hand just for the pure act of shaking, without the connotation of the sign. And if the sign is so obvious, we shake it in so disparate moments that finally the sign loses its meaning. For the last two years I have driven the highway with open windows and allowed the roaring car sea to enter. It´s the antidote to high doses of alleged silent. Marisa Brugarolas