Train of thoughs

2. real time composition: We figured out that the listening is an extremely important part of being in relation to our own means of expression. In this sense we´ll open the awareness by taking time to listen to the inner and outer soundscape and to allow it to influence our way of moving. We will look for textures, qualities and the physicality of sound in the body. we´ll offer tasks and scores to get more into an idiosyncratic material with the support of the conscious listening. biliana voutchkova and ingo reulecke



The acapella chorus is in the backyard. Today the sound of neighbors with a dog and the granddaugther Candela. They are recent retirees who speak the same way to the girl and the dog
My friend, the brilliant Maria, said of Rome: all this overwhelming beauty with the layer of the everydaywill become noise, something that we will not see. I propose the inverse exercise: to notice the everyday noises for which we are deaf, and bring them up to the fore, to deepen in the poetics of the daily soundsuperimposed to layers of music. What we consider interference is

nothing more than another sound layer