Trinidad Martínez

Trinidad Martínez
Murcia, Spain

I am interested in exploration and expression through movement in any of its artistic forms, whether it is called dance or not. I search for new vocabularies by breaking from my own esthetic and emotional limits. My aim is to reach a place where judgment and habits don’t restrict me, and where my fears don’t make me lose direction on the course I’ve set. I believe in working in a group and I’m passionate about sound and music, but silence also can sometimes guide me in new ways. I like empty spaces and to live with just a backpack. I feel ready to move and go anywhere at any time. I feel ready to stay.

biography: Trinidad Martínez (Murcia, Spain) is a freelance choreographer, dancer and dance teacher. She works in international artistic projects with professional performers, but she is especially drawn to interact with people with different artistic experiences, social backgrounds and mixed abilities. In Hamburg she teaches regular dance classes and is an honorary co-worker at the social facility “ASP-Wegenkamp.”

She co-directs “inesperadamente: improvisation-movement-performance-contact-sound” an annual dance encounter occurring in various artistic spaces in Murcia City, Spain. Now entering its fourth year, “inesperadamente” is a collaborative project that invites people to participate in workshops, performances, labs, discussions, etc. The 10-day festival draws more than 80 people from around the world..

She coordinates and choreographs the Altona Macht Auf! Sehnsuchtsfenster & Balcontheater” in Hamburg, where people in the Altona neighborhood are encouraged to make short performances on their balconies. Nearly 300 neighbors participated last year.

She is currently directing and performing “Sala de Espera,” a performance piece that has been shown in public waiting rooms in Hamburg and Murcia. She also is one of the dancers in “Cuerpo Devenir,” an integrated dance project directed by Marisa Brugarolas in Murcia, Spain. They performed at the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Bernardo in Madrid.

Last year she taught and developed a dance performance with students from the Stadtteilschule Barmbek in Hamburg. The performance, “I need to hear their names loud, at least once,” was a “TuSch” initiative in cooperation with K3 Tanzplan, Hamburg, and was presented in 2013 in Kampnagel, Hamburg.

She was the choreography assistant on Antje Pfundtner’s performance, “Der Nussknacker,” which premiered in December 2012. She also performed in “Superhero,” a dance production from Yolanda Gutiérrez in 2010. Both productions were presented in Kampnagel Theater.

In 2011 she received a Goethe Institut grant for a choreography teaching residency at the dance school La Fábrica Cuerpo-Espacio in Guayaquil, Ecuador. During those two months she facilitated daily classes for 20 people from cities throughout the region. They performed at the Sala Zaruma in Teatro Sánchez Aguilar and at the “Festival Internacional de Artes de Guayaquil: Fiartes.” During this time she also performed her solo piece, “In the year 2009 he broke up with me.”

In 2007 she went to the United States on a Fulbright Fellowship to expand her knowledge of dance improvisation. During this time she travelled the country participating in numerous dance workshops and festivals. A year later she began working in Seattle with the Pat Graney Dance Company and Degenerate Art Ensemble. She did several projects with both companies until 2010.

She has offered intensive dance workshops and regular classes since 1998, mainly in Hamburg, Murcia and Seattle, and has taught at numerous Contact Improvisation Dance Festivals, including: Contact Sierra Festival, California, United States; Contact Meets Contemporary, Göttingen, Germany; and the 4th International Contact Improvisation Festival Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain.

In 1998 she founded the Magpai Production Group in Hamburg with the composer, musician and programmer Dayton Allemann. They performed a variety of pieces, which were shown internationally and at the Kampnagel Theater in Hamburg. Together they explored new paths for sound and movement to merge and express together, and produced shows in collaboration with other artists until 2009. From 2003 to 2007 they were part of the artistic collective La Fragua, in Murcia, Spain.